Rob Ford Was Smoking Crack As Recently As February, Toronto City Council Locks Him Out Of City Hall


Before Toronto Mayor Rob Ford hands over his powers to his deputy on Wednesday, his office has already been packed up and the locks on City Hall changed.

The City Council voted to strip Ford of his powers on Monday following allegation of drug abuse and a video tape of the mayor smoking crack.

Court documents revealed today that the Ford “crack video” was made earlier this year. Ford may have been smoking crack as recently as February.

Ford told CNN last weekend that it had been at least a year since he had smoked crack cocaine.

“I haven’t smoked crack in over a year” and has repeated it several times in other media appearances in the past few days. He told CBC the last time he did drugs was “a year ago some time.”

He admitted to trying crack cocaine in the “drunken stupor,” but said he hadn’t done any drugs since.

Medio outlets filed a legal motion to gain access to redacted portion of a search warrant, which indicate the crack video was made in February.

The court document was used to make a case against the mayor’s close friend Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, who was charged with drug trafficking and extortion in relation to an attempt to obtain the video.

“The video was made surreptitiously in the month of February 2013 of the Mayor without his knowledge,” says the police report, according to National Post. “During the month of May 2013, the accused [Lisi] before the court became aware of the existence of a video that depicted the mayor of Toronto in a compromising, intoxicated position.”

“The accused became aware of the video once efforts were taken to sell the video to various media outlets,” it continues. “The accused was unsuccessful in obtaining the video.”

A ruling in the Lisi case is still pending.

In the video, Ford appears to smoke crack cocaine and then makes racist and homophobic remarks.

Ford continues to maintain a seat on the city’s executive council.

Sources: Reuters, National Post


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