Tornado Rips Through Southern Mississippi (Video)

More than a dozen people were hurt on Sunday when a tornado touched down in Southern Mississippi. The state’s governor, Phil Bryant, immediately sprung into action and declared a state of emergency in four counties: Forrest, Lamar, Lawrence and Marion.

The University of Southern Mississippi -- which is located between Forrest and Lamar -- sustained some structural damage, but according to reports no one was injured. The university announced that it will be closed on Monday. Similarly, various schools around the districts impacted by this tornado also announced that there would be no classes to start the week.

"We're really blessed because we don't have a fatality that we know of right now, and no major injuries. But we have a number of major damages to our structures around town," said Johnny DuPree, mayor of Hattiesburg, where the tornado hit.

"If there is a good thing about this, it happened on a Sunday when most of these structures were vacant," he said.

The 10 to 15 people who were hospitalized as a result of this tornado are said to be recovering well from their injuries.

(Gawker, CNN)


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