Topless Coffee Shop Opens In Maine


A brand new coffee shop has just opened in Vassalboro, Maine, but it’s not your typical cup of Joe. The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop is celebrating its grand opening with excitement, intrigue and a steaming pot of controversy.

According to the town’s local paper, the Kennebec Journal, the new shop is not unlike your neighborhood Starbucks or Coffee Bean, except that all of its baristas are topless. The entrance door is adorned with a sign that reads “Over 18 Only,” and another sign reads “No cameras, no touching, cash only.”

One of the young employees, Susie Wiley, 23, told the Journal that she finds the job “very empowering,” and added that the customers so far have been “completely respectful.” Another waitress, Kris Kelley, 43, brushed off the numerous complaints pouring in from some locals. "It's just a body part," she said. "There are more serious issues to worry about in this country than something like this."

Waitresses are not paid an hourly wages, but rely rather on tips, which are typically between $5 and $20. 



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