Topless Barber Arrested for Cutting Hair Without a Cosmetology License


Suzette Hall was recently arrested by Longmont, Colo. police for practicing cosmetology without a license in Johnstown and Loveland, Colo.

Hall reportedly offered her hairstyling services with an additional twist; she would be topless while cutting hair.

According to the police report, Hall was arrested last Wednesday and jailed under a $25,000 bond. She was charged with practicing barbering and cosmetology without a license and felony criminal impersonation. reports that Longmont Police Officer Stephen Desmond was investigating some alleged check fraud by Hall when he found she was working as a topless hair stylist.

Unidentified witnesses told Officer Desmond that Hall had opened a salon in Johnstown where she was "charging $45 for topless haircuts and is advertising on Craigslist."

According to the arrest warrant, Hall's former salon business partner in Johnstown was "not comfortable with this as she did not want to have topless haircuts in her business because she is a single mother and... she did not believe this was safe or proper."

The ex-salon partner said Hall admitted to prostitution and stated she also did "house calls," noted Fox 31 Denver.

Hall's ex-husband told police that Hall moved to Loveland and offered her topless services as "Rebel Barber." The ex-husband also said that Hall told him that she applied for a cosmetology license and "a nude license for hairstylists," which does not exist.

Sources: and Fox 31 Denver


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