Top Pet Names of 2011

No one is naming their dog Spot anymore. Nor are people calling their cat Fluffy. The folks over at Petfinder.com have come up with a list of the top ten most popular pet names of 2011:


1) Buddy
2) Max
3) Daisy
4) Bella
5) Lucy
6) Molly
7) Charlie
8) Jack
9) Sadie
10) Rocky


1) Lucy
2) Smokey
3) Bella
4) Charlie
5) Tiger
6) Oreo
7) Daisy
8) Molly
9) Max
10) Midnight

Petfinders also named unusual as well as celebrity-related names, including Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle, Killer the Dog Dominating Declawed Cat, Barry Meow-nilow and Katy Purry.


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