The Top Paying College Diplomas


These days some McDonald's restaurants are requiring people to have an undergraduate degree to flip burgers and cook fries.

For those aiming higher than minimum wage and having to wear a paper hat, Forbes recently reported on a study from on the 25 college diplomas that have the highest pay.

The top grads are from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, who make an average salary of $84,400.

Stanford engineering students came in second with $74,700, while New York University's nursing school grads banked 70,200. took the colleges listed in US News & World Report and cross-referenced that list with salary information from universities that polled students. The list is not complete because some colleges don't release salary info.

1. Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science    $84,409

2. Stanford University Engineering    $74,698

3. New York University College of Nursing    $70,236

4. Harvey Mudd College    $69,167

5. University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering & Applied Science    $66,483

6. Carnegie Mellon University Mellon College of Science    $65,697

7. Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Institute of Technology (College of Engineering)    $65,673

8. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School    $65,628

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology    $65,305

10. Cornell University College of Engineering    $64,285

11. Colorado School of Mines    $64,194

12. Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing    $63,548

13. Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business    $63,541

14. Princeton University (no specialty listed)   $63,067

15. Carnegie Mellon University Architecture & Design    $62,693

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