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Top Five Craziest Lawsuits of 2008

Ever since Stella Leibeck sued McDonald's in 1994 for serving her coffee that was too hot - winning $2.86 million in the process - America's fascination with outlandish lawsuits has grown into an obsession. Sick of Lawsuits, a group of concerned citizens dedicated to restoring common sense to the legal system, recently released its list of the five craziest lawsuits of 2008. According to the group, these are lawsuits that, "make us laugh, but that are more sad than funny because they are actually true. And the worst part is: they cost everyone money."

With no further ado:

#5 - Stephen Craig, a married New York City securities trader, sues the Hot Lap Dance Club after he sustains serious injuries when a stripper's shoe strikes him in the eye during a lap dance gone awry.

#4 - Despite an apology, full reimbursement and a $900 gift card, a Washington, D.C. woman sues Best Buy for $54 million after they lose her laptop. Although she acknowledges that $54 million is an extreme amount of money, the woman vows to continue her suit.  

#3 - During a hair dying mishap, a Connecticut woman accidentally dyed her naturally blond hair brown. The unintended color change was apparently so distressing that she became severely depressed and decided to sue the hair dye maker, L'Oreal.

#2 - D.C. Judge Roy Pearson sues local dry cleaners Soo and Jin Chung for $54 million after they lose a pair of his pants, claiming that the cleaner's "satisfaction guaranteed" sign amounted to false advertising. Though the law suit has yet to reach a final verdict, legal expenses have already forced the Chung's to close one of their stores.

#1 - Victoria's Secret is currently battling a lawsuit from Macrinda Patterson, who was struck in the eye by one of the lingerie manufacturer's rhinestone-studded thongs. Patterson and her lawyer believe the lingerie chain was negligent in warning customers of the potential dangers of their thongs.

To read the full list from Sick of Lawsuits, click here



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