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Most Popular TV Commercials from the 2010 Super Bowl

A recent poll shows 51% of people watch the Super Bowl just for the ads. For those other 49% who concentrated on the actual game, here are the commercials creating the most buzz the day after.

Doritos ran several commercials, but this one featuring a little boy and his mother's date seems to be the favorite:


This Snickers commercial with a football-playing Betty White is also getting positive reviews:

show scored big with its "Casual Fridays" spot:

The Tim Tebow pro-life ad was the subject of much controversy leading up to the game, because of CBS's acceptance of an advocacy ad. The commercial itself turned out to be pretty tame:


But the most talked about spot was a promo for "The Late Show With David Leterman," which reunited the host with a long-time foe:



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