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Top 10 Snobbiest Cities in America

The list of the top ten snobbiest cities in America has been revealed by Travel + Leisure magazine, and at number one was San Francisco.

Coming in second was New York City, followed by Boston, Minneapolis, Santa Fe and Seattle (tie), Chicago, Providence, Washington, D.C., and Charleston, SC.

Every year, the magazine asks its readers to rank their favorite cities. This year, they had them also rank 35 major cities for their level of snobbery.

"To determine which city has the biggest nose in the air, we factored in some traditional staples of snobbery: a reputation for aloof and smarty-pants residents, along with high-end shopping and highbrow cultural offerings like classical music and theater," Travel + Leisure said on their site.

They also considered other signs of elitism, including over-the-top eco-consciousness, tech savviness and arty coffeehouses.

Distinctive "cultures" were also taken into consideration, like Charleston, SC's southern cooking culture.

It may surprise some that San Francisco, one of the most gay friendly cities in the country, was ranked as the snobbiest. The snob status was mainly attained because of their foodie scene. But the city also ranked first in the survey for being welcoming.

Second was New York City, due to its exclusive clubs and hipster scene. The city's diversity and vibrancy make it a city most residents are proud to live in.

And Boston came in third, with its Ivy Leaguers and "air of superiority." They have high-concept bookstores, old school museums and expensive schools.

Fourth was Minneapolis, the first Midwest city on the list. Residents of the city were ranked highly for being fit and outdoorsy. The town has a large indie music scene as well. 

The fifth spot is shared by Seattle and Santa Fe. With Seattle's quaint coffee houses and its reputation for being the heart of the hipster trend, it is no wonder the rainy city made the list. 

Santa Fe, NM made the list for its tendency to be considered a cultural getaway and its abundance of museums. 

Chicago came in next, with its huge theater scene, beautiful architecture and unique pizza. 

Providence, RI made the list for its cafe culture and performance art, while D.C. made it for having tons of free activities to do.

Rounding out the list was Charleston, with its southern charm. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Travel + Leisure


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