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Top 10 Pet Care Tips for 2012

Over the past year, Pet of the Week newsletter has given readers helpful hints for pet behavior, care, and more. Here's a look back at the most popular pet tips from the past year.

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1. How to make Bowser Biscuits

Make these fresh-baked treats for your dog today!  

2. Plants that could be poisonous to pets

Make sure the plants in your house don't pose a threat to your pet.

3. Dog leashes: Which is best for your mutt?

Give your dog a leash that best fits his needs.

4. Fear of thunder and loud noises

Here's how to help your pets be calm in the storm.

5. How to keep your cat happy indoors

Find ways to make your cat happy -- on the inside.

6. What scares our pets?

Find out what causes pet phobias and how to help them cope.

7. How to make a salad for your cat

Learn how to make a treat for cats who like to nibble on grass.

8. Separation anxiety

Watch this video if your pets don't like being left alone.

9. Cat chat

Here's how to figure out what your cat is trying to tell you.

10. Teaching your dog basic commands

Teach these easy basics to help your dog learn good manners.


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