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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2009, from the Humane Society

By Michael Markarian

I’m always excited to gauge reader feedback on the blog, and as we look back at 2009, I’ve taken a look at which of the year’s postings resonated the most with you—whether it’s through the reaction each post receives, a surge in traffic, or the number of times the blog is shared (using the “ShareThis” button at the bottom of each posting).

One of the watchwords of 2009 was “change,” and it’s no surprise that the top two blog entries were about personal change and policy change.

But the rest of the top ten list reflects a mix of high-profile animal issues like poaching and puppy mills, the year’s headlines like the economy and the Supreme Court’s first animal protection case in fifteen years, new tools for our cause like the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, and the stories of dedicated animal advocates like Ben Byrom and Cheryl Woodcock.

Here’s a look back at your favorite blog posts of 2009. Please keep the feedback coming in 2010.

1) Our Change Agenda for Animals
2) A Chance to Change
3) Missing the Mark on Anti-Cruelty Law
4) There Oughta Be a Law: Q&A with Cheryl Woodcock
5) The Creatures’ Caucus
6) NRA Has No Dog in This Hunt
7) Animal All-Star
8) Healing Heroes and Helping Hounds
9) A Double Whammy for Shelters
10) Wildlife Pays the Interest on Credit Card Reform


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