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Tony Perkins Urges Maine Citizens to Reject Gay Marriage

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WASHINGTON --- Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins today urged the citizens of Maine to exercise their right to a "People's Veto" and defeat the counterfeit marriage bill signed today by Governor John Baldacci (D).

"Today, Governor Baldacci signed a dangerous bill designed to destroy marriage and family structure as we know it, while paving the way for the establishment and protection of a preferred class of citizens in Maine.

"However, the Governor also stated his belief 'that the ultimate political power in the state belongs to the people.' We agree. So, we call on the governor to become the first to sign a 'People's Veto' petition and affirm the people's right to resolve a matter of such grave importance. He should then urge the people of Maine to join him in this action.

"Because of the profound importance of man-woman marriage to the nation, we too urge the citizens of Maine to exercise their right to a 'People's Veto' and halt this move toward counterfeit marriage. This citizen petition effort requires 60,000 signatures to force a statewide vote on a measure that is vital to our children's future.

"Governor Baldacci and the Democratic-dominated legislature have failed to protect the rights of families and children by refusing to protect the institution of marriage, which provides the next generation with the best environment for growth, health and happiness. By providing the means for the establishment of special rights for a select few, they have acted at the expense of the natural family and future generations.

"The people of Maine have the right to respond to protect marriage and they should do so promptly."


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