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Tony Perkins -- High Court's Indecency Ruling is Pro Family

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WASHINGTON --- Family Research Council President Tony Perkins
released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Federal
Communications Commission's policy change on "fleeting expletives" used on
broadcast TV during primetime:

"Today's Supreme Court ruling sends an
unmistakable message to broadcasters: If you foul the public airwaves, you face
the fine.

"In his opinion, Justice Scalia wrote about the power of
profanity to insult and said, 'fleeting expletives constitute harmful first
blows to children; it suffices to know that children mimic behavior they

"Lack of FCC enforcement of indecency laws has encouraged
networks to add more and more distasteful sexual humor, vile language, and
increasingly graphic depictions of sexual conduct. The American people, through
their elected representatives, have overwhelmingly made clear that they expect
decency on the public airwaves. We urge the FCC to respond to this ruling by
stepping up its efforts to keep indecency off the airwaves."


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