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Search Underway For Missing 20-Year-Old Woman (Photos)

Police are investigating the disappearance of a young woman from Kansas who went missing after texting a friend that she had been pulled over by a police officer.

Toni Anderson, 20, was last seen in the early morning hours of Jan. 15. Shortly after 4 a.m., Anderson left the club where she works as a server, telling friends she was going to a nearby gas station.

Half an hour later, she sent a text message to a friend indicating that she had just been pulled over.

"It was exactly 4:42 when she texted me and said, 'I just got pulled over again,'" Roxy Townsend told WDAF. "She said 'again' because she gets pulled over all the time."

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At first the Kansas City Police Department said they had no record of such a traffic stop, sparking concerns that Anderson may have encountered a police impersonator. However, they later confirmed that one of their officers had, in fact, pulled Anderson over. They are now investigating what occurred immediately afterward.

Anderson's mother, Liz, said the young server's friends and family are desperate to find out what happened.

"It's so hard, such a beautiful, bright, young woman. I just want to find her," Liz told KSHB. "It's not like her. She's social. You pretty much always know where she's at. It's just been a horrible nightmare. And I know any parent going through this is just horrified."

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On Jan. 17, Toni's family set up a GoFundMe account in order to hire a private detective. They have raised over $4,700 so far.

Pete Sanchez, Toni's boyfriend, said he was asleep when Toni disappeared.

"It was just like any other night," he told WDAF. "I just thought she'd come home. I just want her to be safe. Her safety is my main concern right now."

"Every time I leave the house I hope the next face I see in public is going to be her," Sanchez added.

Police are now combing through surveillance video footage of the area in which Toni was last seen. They are also asking the public for help. Toni drives a black 2014 Ford Focus, has blonde hair and green eyes, and is about 5-feet 5-inches tall.

"Please do whatever you can. Please," Liz said. "Please help us get her home. Back with her parents and her friends and her school."

Sources: WDAF, KSHB, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Toni Anderson via Daily Mail, WDAF

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