Toni Shelton Willing to Face Jail for Recycling Tires into Flower Planters


Toni Shelton is ready to go to jail for recycling tires into flower planters in Sugar Creek, Missouri.

“I was just really interested in recycling and I’m really big on self-sufficiency,” Shelton told KFVS-12.

"[The town] just said they needed to go. I told them I was going to be using them for planters in the spring and they informed me it wasn't allowed," added Shelton, who refuses to pay the fine.

“We’d asked her to put them somewhere else because there were quite a number of them,” Sugar Creek Chief of Police Herb Soule told KFVS-TV. ”We try to keep people from accumulating tires because they retain water and they attract mosquitos."

Chief Soule is also worried about the property values in the little-known town: "[The tires] detract from property values in the neighborhood too.”

Shelton has moved most of the tires and is storing others inside an old truck, but that hasn't satisfied the town.

“I don’t want my kids to see me back down and not follow my heart,” added Shelton, who will be in court next week.

Source: KFVS-12


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