Sources: Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri In Three Years


Actor Tom Cruise, 54, continues to give his daughter, Suri, the cold shoulder, according to multiple sources.

"Tom hasn't seen or even called Suri in about three years," a family source told Us Weekly. Another insider said, "Tom has no relationship with Suri."

The last time the A-list star was spotted in public with the 10-year-old was in August 2012, when Tom took her to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, according to Us Weekly.   

Cruise also has two other children -- Connor, 21, and Isabella, 23 -- with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. Suri is the child of Tom and another ex-wife, Katie Holmes, 37. The two married in November 2006 at a lavish wedding in Italy, and split six years later after Holmes filed for divorce.

The reason for the couple’s split was reportedly due to Tom’s devotion to Scientology. "She wanted Suri to go to a normal school with regular kids,” an insider told Us Weekly at the time.  

Since the divorce, Holmes and Suri have been “excommunicated” from Tom’s life because of his religion, says a family source. Tom still allegedly sees Connor and Isabella because they are both church members.

Ex-Scientologists have said church leaders force members to shun those who leave the religion, according to Jezebel.

A representative for the Church of Scientology denies the allegations:

We never comment on individual parishioners' lives. On the issue of Church religious practices, we do not know who your anonymous sources are, but they got it all wrong. The answer to your question is no. Scientologists respect the faith of others, associate with and befriend members of every religion. Scientologists do not cut ties with non-Scientologist friends or family members because they have chosen another religion. Given that Scientology is a new religion, Scientologists often have family members and friends who are not Scientologists and who may practice another faith or no faith at all. This causes no conflict for Scientologists.

Cruise’s reps have yet to comment on the matter.

Sources: Jezebel, Us Weekly / Photo credit: Opposing Views

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