Tom Brady is Staying in New England; Is Brandon Lloyd On His Way Out?

While the news coming out of Gillette Stadium has been great for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, it has not been so good for one of his favorite targets, receiver Brandon Lloyd. Brady, who signed an extension yesterday that will keep him with the Patriots until he is 40, is not going anywhere. If the reports coming out of New England are true, the same cannot be said for Lloyd.

Boston Globe NFL writer Greg Bedard says that the Patriots may cut ties with Lloyd because the team is tired of his “erratic behavior in the locker room and on the practice field.” While speaking with Boston radio station WEEI, Bedard has this to say:

“Everybody [is sick of Lloyd]. I was surprised at that. I hadn’t really heard that until I talked to a bunch of people this week. If you polled people in the Patriots organization, from the coaches to the players, I’d say a good majority of them would not want Brandon Lloyd back.”

Last season, Lloyd had 74 receptions for 911 yards and four touchdowns in 16 games. In two playoff games, he had 12 catches for 102 yards and one score. Prior to joining the Patriots, Lloyd played for a number of NFL teams including the St. Louis Rams and the Denver Broncos.

“He wasn’t terrible, but he’s just so inconsistent — not only on the field, but personality-wise. It just grinds on you after a while,” Bedard said. “You talk to people with the Rams, you talk to people with the Broncos, you hear these same tales that he’s just inconsistent [in his behavior]. This is why he’s well-traveled. I think he’s a good guy. He’s just different. How long can you put up with that? I think it really grated on some people this year.”

If the Patriots cut Lloyd now, they can avoid paying him a $3 million option bonus and save $4.9 million against the cap in 2013.

Source: (WEEI)


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