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Tom Brady Ridiculed For Dropping Pass (Photos)

Tom Brady Ridiculed For Dropping Pass (Photos) Promo Image

Twitter users had a field day with football star Tom Brady after he dropped a catch during the Super Bowl Feb. 4.

After the New England Patriots' devastating Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants in 2012, Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, famously lamented, "My husband cannot f**king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time," the Daily Mail reported.

It appears Bundchen was right, as her husband failed to secure a pass from wide receiver Danny Amendola on a trick play in the first half of Super Bowl LII. Meanwhile, backup quarterback for the underdog Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Foles, became the first player to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl.

Bundchen's 2012 remarks were not forgotten. Several social media users took to Twitter to point out the bizarre foreshadowing.

"Tom Brady just dropped a wide open pass," wrote one user. "I guess he can't throw and catch it."

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"Did anyone realize that the eagles just scored with the same exact play that Tom Brady dropped that pass in .... wow," observed another user.

"The story of SB 52? Tom Brady dropped a pass & Nick Foles caught a TD," added another. "Nick Foles was cut, thought about quitting, became a back-up quarterback, worked hard and got an opportunity. He took advantage of it, won a Super Bowl & was chosen Super Bowl MVP. The lesson? Never give up."

Other users posted memes to commemorate the moment.

"Someone please make a picture of Tom Brady’s dropped pass with him missing the trophy instead," joked one user.

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Despite throwing for 505 yards, three touchdowns and a 115.4 passer rating, Brady and the New England Patriots lost to the Eagles 41-33. His late-game fumble sealed the victory for the Eagles, and also gave Brady his third Super Bowl loss.

"They're all pretty disappointing. I mean losing sucks, but that's part of it," Brady told reporters after the game. "You show up and your try and win and sometimes you lose and that's the way it goes. Yup, it sucks."

"It's a team sport. The Eagles played a better game today," Brady added. "They deserve to win. That's why we're not the champs."

For Philadelphia, the victory marked their first Super Bowl title since 1960. Foles also became the first quarterback to go from backup to Super Bowl MVP in one season since Brady did it in 2001.

"I've played in eight of them, and they're all good games," Brady said about his Super Bowl history. "Today, we had our opportunities.

"Never really got control of the game. Never really played on our terms. Just didn't make plays when we needed to."

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