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Toilet Water Might Soon Be Purified Into Drinking Water In California

The thought might not leave a great taste in your mouth, but it’s possible that one day not far down the road, the toilet water in California will be purified and turned into drinking water.

Santa Clara County in California has a new sewage treatment facility costing nearly $70 million, and it makes toilet water end up actually cleaner than what the area has you drinking right now, according to CBS San Francisco. If the public can be successfully educated on the process, the near-limitless source of clean water could eventually head to store shelves.

The Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center, opening this fall, eventually aims to turn your toilet water into drinking water, and public reaction is what they hope to sway before they plan to make it happen.

For now, due to public perceptions, the water from the plant will be diverted for use in fire hydrants, landscaping and electrical fountains instead of homes.

“It takes a long time to educate folks and grasp this concept that this water can be purified to a level that’s cleaner than what we are already drinking,” Marty Grimes of the Santa Clara Valley Water District said. “The reality is that we are able to produce water that is cleaner than all of our other water sources.”

The plant will produce eight million gallons of water a day, using a process of microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to remove impurities.

Sources: The Inquisitr, CBS SF Bay Area


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