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Florida Couple Loses Custody Of Kids And Face Serious Charges After Authorities Search Their Home (Photos)

A Florida couple had their children taken away and were both taken into police custody after authorities discovered the horrific conditions that the kids were living in.

According to reports, two 2-year-old girls were found living in a cluttered, disgusting home in Vienna, Florida, after police were called to check on a disturbance at the house. 32-year-old Elizabeth Davis and 35-year-old Wesley Benoit were arrested and immediately charged with child neglect.

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Disturbing reports say that the two little girls were found without clothing or diapers when authorities entered the home. The initial disturbance that brought police to the home was reportedly called in by Davis herself, claiming that Benoit smashed a window to try to get inside. Davis said she feared that Benoit would hurt their children, so she called the police.

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When police arrived at the house, they discovered feces covering the floors of the toddlers’ room, the mattress, linens and closet ceiling, as well as urine on the floors of the house, decaying food and piled up dirty dishes in the sink, and pots and pans filled with old food and water.

Davis also told police that during the attempted break-in incident earlier, Benoit had urinated on the carpet.

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Police determined that the conditions in which the children were living were “far beyond the regular standards of what constitutes filth.”

Davis insisted that she cleaned the house every day and said she didn’t think that it was a mess at all, but disturbing photos prove otherwise.

The toddlers are now in the custody of the Department of Children and Families, and both parents, who called each other a “danger” to the children, are both facing serious charges.

Sources:Daily Mail, NBC 2 News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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