Grandma Accused Of Scalding Grandson To Death


Police arrested a Texas grandmother April 14 for allegedly leaving her 2-year-old grandson in a burning hot bath that eventually killed him.

Patricia Flores, 43, called police March 30, six days after the child -- Lyfe 'Gabe' Flores -- was left in the bath and became unresponsive, the Daily Mail reports.

“That's probably what angers me and just breaks my heart the most," maternal grandfather Mike Hamilton said. “Bad enough it had to happen but to go through the pain for six days before you call medical treatment? There's no excuse for that.”

Officials say the delay in treatment for the burns likely caused the infection that killed the child, who died April 4. An exact cause of death is still being determined.

Reports indicate Patricia sounded both concerned and annoyed over the boy’s condition while calling 911, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Lyfe was taken to the hospital where family members were devastated to see his condition.

“He's swollen, he's scratched, he's bruised, he's burned, he's burned from his waist down, his hands were burnt,” Mike said while describing visiting his grandson.

“I saw his face. His burns. Two teeth were knocked out,” Kim added. “Looking at the pictures of this poor child, there’s no way anyone could do this to a baby.”

Family members also say they were shocked by the news.

“There was never anything indicating she was an abusive person whatsoever,”  Kim Hamilton, the boy’s maternal grandmother, said. “She’d cared for kids most of her life.”

A few days after the boy's death, police issued an arrest warrant for Patricia.

“I want her brought to justice and I want everything that she deserves for the law to give her,” Mike said.

Lyfe and his sister moved in with his grandparents after his father assaulted his mother. When the children's mother refused to leave the family home, the two children initially went to the Hamiltons before moving to Patricia’s house.

“My husband and I took both babies,” Kim said. “Took them to day care. Every night coming home, giving baths, going to bed.”

Patricia does not work, so no one objected to her having the children to look after full time.

Sources: Daily Mail,The Dallas Morning News / Photo credit: The Dallas Morning News

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