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Toddler Survives Attempted Killing At The Hands Of Her Three-Year-Old Brother Inspired By Sheep Slaughter

A Saudi Arabian toddler just barely survived an attack from her three-year-old brother who wanted to mimic a sheep slaughter he had just witnessed.

According to reports, the father of the two children decided to take his three-year-old son to watch a sheep be slaughtered so they could have meat for dinner. When he came home, the young boy decided he wanted to do what was done to the sheep, so he chose his 18-month-old sister Shawq as the victim.

“As we were waiting for our turn, my son was standing with me and he saw how workers slaughtered sheep and skinned them,” said the father. “When we returned home, we were shocked to discover that he attacked his young sister and stabbed her in the chest and the neck in an imitation of what he had seen at the abattoir. Blood was coming out so profusely from Shawq that we panicked and we took her to hospital.”

Since the story first made news, people online have looked to lay blame on the father for allowing his child to view the sheep slaughtering to begin with.

“I seriously demand that the interior ministry conduct a probe into your case for you have traumatised [sic] a child and almost caused a tragedy in the family,” wrote a blogger named K.N. “You should be arrested for your abuse of children and putting them through terrible situations.”

It is not yet clear if the father will be charged with anything for the incident.



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