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17-Year-Old Sentenced To Jail Time For Toddler Assault

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A U.K. teen was sentenced to prison for 12 years after an attempted sexual assault that left a toddler in need of HIV drugs.

The teen was discovered by his mother as he abused the little boy. She discovered her son and the little boy in the living room of their apartment, the Mirror reports.

The toddler required HIV drugs, as well as medical treatment over the course of three weeks as a result of injuries during the assault. The 17-year-old reportedly admitted a charge of attempted sexual assault.

According to Preston Crown Court, the unnamed teenager had a troubled past and a history of abusing children. In one case, the young man also abused animals. Though he had previously received treatment for abusing a toddler at the age of 12, the therapy apparently had little effect.

“You present a very high risk of harm to others and your history of behaving in a sexual way towards children is very high,” Judge Jonathan Gibson told the 17-year-old. “Your own mother in her witness statement said at the time she made the statement she felt physically sick and wishes she could unsee what she had seen.”

During the trial, the toddler's mother sobbed.

“I used to be a really bubbly person and it has totally changed me,” the younger boy’s mother said in a victim impact statement. “I am paranoid when I take my little boy out and people make comments about how cute he is.”

The toddler’s mother added that she and her partner split up as a result of the incident, according to Lancashire Evening Post.

After serving a minimum of four years and eight months in prison, the 17-year-old may be released from custody into a Young Offenders Institute if he no longer presents a risk to children. Then, he will be subject to eight years on license and an indefinite sexual harm prevention order. 

Sources: Mirror, Lancashire Evening Post

Photo Credit: London News Pictures, bloomsberries/Flickr


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