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Toddler Plummets Into Cheetah Exhibit After Parent Holds Him Over The Edge

A toddler is being treated for injuries after falling into a cheetah pit that’s between 10 and 12 feet deep.

According to reports, the 2-year-old’s mother was allegedly holding him and a younger sibling over the fence that overlooks the cheetah cage. Mistakenly, the 2-year-old slipped and fell into the cheetah pit, and after initial attempts to jump in to save him were unsuccessful, his parents were finally able to go in and get him out. 

The young boy was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, despite being listed in stable condition. The injuries only came from the fall and not from anything the cheetahs did. 

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"I think they were just curious as to what was going on and why somebody was in the pen with them," tourist Terra Lurie said. "It's not every day that somebody is just in the pen with them. And everyone else is screaming and they probably got scared.”

“You saw how far the drop was and you just couldn't believe the kid didn't hurt himself from falling down on the ground,” Michael Laurie, a visitor, said, according to the Daily Mail. “I was just shocked. I didn't understand how the parents let the kid go over the thing.”

The local police say there could be a chance that the parents are charged with child endangerment because of the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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