Police: Dad Left Toddler Outside Overnight During Irma (Photos)

Police: Dad Left Toddler Outside Overnight During Irma (Photos) Promo Image

A Florida man was arrested after allegedly leaving his 19-month-old daughter outside all night during Tropical Storm Irma. When the baby was found by a passerby, her skin was reportedly purple and she was covered in bug bites and scratches.

Angelo Mitchell, 36, was arrested on Sept. 11 and charged with felony child abuse without great bodily harm, according to the Miami Herald.

An arrest report obtained by WCTV states that police were alerted to the alleged crime by the toddler's mother, who called 911 and explained that Mitchell had the toddler in his car when he left her home around 11 p.m. on Sept. 10.

Mitchell returned to the house in Jasper about two hours later, but the mother said the child was no longer with him. When she asked where the little girl was, Mitchell reportedly denied having taken her anywhere, stating that he left her at the house.

When police brought Mitchell in for questioning, he again denied taking his daughter from the house, telling investigators he thought his daughter was safe and must be with a family friend, according to WCTV.

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Police said they could smell alcohol on Mitchell's breath as he spoke to them, and he reportedly admitted to having had several drinks while the toddler was in his care.

Meanwhile, the little girl was still missing. A search of the area that employed a tracking dog turned up nothing. It wasn't until around 11:30 a.m. the following day that a passerby found the toddler lying in the yard of a home a few hundred yards from where she lived.

Her skin had a purple tinge, and witnesses said she was covered in bug bites and scrapes after spending the entire night outside during the storm. She was treated at a nearby hospital before returning to her mother's care on Sept. 12 in good condition, WCTV reports.

Mitchell was arrested and remains in jail.

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The sheriff said investigators suspect Mitchell was drunk or high on drugs while he was caring for his daughter and, as a result, couldn't remember where he had left her.

Court records show Mitchell has a criminal history that includes domestic violence and a prior felony conviction.

In 2011 he violated an order of protection and dragged a woman by her hair. Mitchell pleaded guilty to felony battery and was sentenced to five days in jail. He later violated his probation and wound up serving a year in prison.

The Miami Herald reports that he has also had three restraining orders filed against him.

Sources: Miami Herald, WCTV / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office via WCTV, Florida Department of Corrections via Miami Herald

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