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Toddler In India Dies After Falling Into Pot Of Steaming Sugar Syrup

A 3-year-old boy has died after falling into a boiling pot of sugar syrup as a rickshaw crashed into his mother in New Delhi, India.

According to the Daily Mail, the boy, named only as Dev, fell into the steaming sugar which had been left outside a shop. He later died at a local hospital.

In response, Delhi High Court has ordered the battery-powered rickshaws off the road until further notice.

The accident happened on Wednesday as Dev’s mother Pinky was carrying her son while standing by a sweet shop in the Trilokpuri area of Delhi. That’s when a three-wheeled e-rickshaw slammed into them at high speed, knocking Dev out of her arms and into the pot of boiling sugar.

The mother shouted for help and suffered severe burns on her arms as she tried to pull him out. They were both rushed to hospital where the child died after two hours of treatment, NDTV reports.

Dev’s relatives protested outside the Mayur Vihar police station, demanding the arrest of the e-rickshaw driver, who fled from the scene.

The family are also considering pressing charges against the sweet shop owner for leaving the boiling pot out on the road.

E-rickshaws have been a problem in Delhi since they first became popular in 2008.

“The state cannot allow e-rickshaw drivers to take law into their hands,” a division bench of the High Court said Thursday. “The government and authorities will forthwith take steps to prevent plying of e-rickshaws without fail.”

The bench added: “There is no specific load or number of passengers that they are required to carry. They are not registered. They have no insurance.”

The e-rickshaws often carry double the recommended four passengers at high speeds in the Indian capital.

"You say it is illegal. You stop them in the meantime, till a law is framed to regulate them. You can't allow them to take law into their hands,” the court told the Delhi government, according to NDTV.

A hearing at Delhi High Court is set for August 14 to discuss new rules for the vehicles.

Sources: Daily MailNDTV


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