Toddler Found Safe In The Backseat Of A Freezing Car

A 3-year-old boy is now in his grandmother’s custody after he was found in the backseat of a car in freezing temperatures.

Police in Coventry Township, Ohio, discovered the boy’s father Christopher McGarr, 25, and his babysitter, Tiffany Lovejoy, 28, passed out in the front seat.

Cleveland.com reported a gas station employee had noticed the car had been at a pump for about 90 minutes before he called the police. McGarr was found passed out in the driver's seat with one needle in his lap and another sticking out of his left arm and a shoestring tied around his bicep. Lovejoy was passed out from using heroin, but she also had marijuana in her purse.

The boy did not have a car seat and medics determined he was healthy, despite the freezing temperatures.

Both McGarr and Lovejoy are charged with fourth-degree felony child endangerment. McGarr’s bail was set for $10,000 and Lovejoy was in court yesterday.

The duo was held in Summit County Jail. 

Source: Cleveland.com Image via Partha S. Sahana/Flickr


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