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Toddler Found Dead In Bathtub After Accidental Drowning


A young girl in England was found dead in a bathtub after getting out of bed to play with her toy ducks.

Summer Shaw, 4, had just been put to bed by her mother, Nicole Carr, when she left her room and went into the bathroom. Carr reportedly ran a bath for herself after putting her daughter to bed, then went downstairs to use the phone.

When Carr returned to the bathroom a few minutes later, she found her daughter face down in 15 inches of water. It is believed the toddler went to reach for her toy ducks and slipped on a bathmat, causing her to fall into the tub.

“It was the most tragic of accidents. She was an innocent girl simply wishing to play with her ducks and bubbles in the bath,” coroner Nicola Mundy said. “Her mother believed she was safely tucked up in bed and she went to play with her ducks.”

The incident occurred on Dec. 6, 2014, at the home Carr shared with her daughter’s father, Carl Shaw. 

“I had a sense that something was not right and went back upstairs to have a bath. I saw Summer's toy dog on the floor,” Carr said. “It was the one she had to ward off bad dreams. There was a bathmat which had been moved and the bath which I topped up hadn't any bubbles in before. But now it was full of bubbles. I looked into the bath and saw her pink pajamas and ducks in the bath.”

Carr frantically pulled her daughter from the tub and tried to revive her. She then called emergency services, and paramedics soon arrived. Summer was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

An investigation was subsequently launched, and it was determined that Summer was in the water for about seven minutes before she was found. 

“She may have bumped her head as she slipped into the bath,” pathologist Dr. Charles Wilson said. “One possibility is that she slipped and fell into the bath and became unconscious.”

Wilson said that two bruises were discovered on her forehead upon examination. 

“Nobody is to blame for this tragic outcome,” Mundy said during a reading of the verdict.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Star / Photo credit: Denise Mattox/Flickr


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