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Toddler Found Alone Near Dumpster While The Mother Is Intoxicated, Passed Out At Apartment

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A 33-year-old mother in Stockton, California, was arrested after her 20-month-old toddler was found wandering throughout their neighborhood in the rain, alone and crying.

According to FOX 40 News, Fabiola Maravilla’s daughter left their apartment at 3 a.m. on Saturday, and was soon discovered by a neighbor who awoke to the sound of a crying baby outside.

“The citizen realized that it was raining, it was very cold outside and heard a baby crying. So they went outside to check what was going on and found a baby next to a dumpster,” Police officer Joe Silva said. The neighbor called police, and when authorities arrived they discovered an open apartment door about a block from where the toddler was found. When they entered the apartment, they discovered Maravilla heavily intoxicated and passed out.

Silva said that authorities “arrested the mother for felony child endangerment” and that the child is in the custody of Child Protective Services. FOX 40 spoke with neighbors of Maravilla after the incident occurred, many of whom were not familiar with the woman prior to what happened but were highly critical of her actions. “If you’re going to drink, have somebody there that’s going to be able to watch your child,” neighbor Tori Silva said.

Authorities say that the district attorney may add more charges, but at this time Maravilla has been charged only with felony child endangerment.

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