4-Year-Old Girl Falls Out Of Moving Bus (Video)


A 4-year-old girl has a broken jaw after falling out of the back door of a moving bus (video below).

The incident occurred in Harrison, Arkansas, on April 21, KNTV reported. Volunteer firefighter Ryan Ciampoli was driving behind a church bus when his dashcam captured the moment a little girl fell out of the back door.

The video shows Ciampoli stopping his vehicle and rushing to the girl as the bus continues down the road, seemingly unaware of what just happened. Ciampoli said the girl was unconscious at first but started to wake up.

Ciampoli said the girl had cuts on her face and blood coming out of her nose and mouth. He said he normally wouldn't move someone with a traumatic injury, but added that he did not want to leave her in the middle of the road and risk her being hit by a vehicle.

"Obviously, you want to leave her laying there -- you know -- if she's not in a danger," Ciampoli, who is a licensed EMT, told KHBS-TV. "But we're in the middle of a state highway so I couldn't leave her just laying there."

The firefighter picked the girl up and carried her to a nearby parking lot. He placed her on a truck bed, checked her vitals and tried keeping her conscious.

"Once the adrenaline and the shock kicked in to her little body, she started kicking and screaming -- you know -- 'Where's my mommy?' and things like that, so stuff like that is really heartbreaking," Ciampoli said, reports the New York Post.

In a statement to police, Ciampoli said the bus continued driving off, but came back around 15 minutes later. The bus driver also gave a statement to police, but details have not been made available at this time.

It is unclear whether the back door of the bus was left unlocked, or if the girl opened the door on her own. It is also unknown whether anyone inside the vehicle knew the girl had fallen out of the vehicle at the time.

Ciampoli said the girl is expected to make a full recovery. The girl's family told Ciampoli she has a broken jaw.

Several social media users were outraged that the bus driver did not immediately notice the 4-year-old girl had fallen out through the backdoor.

"How did the bus driver not notice the back opened," wrote one commenter on the Fox News YouTube page. "The bus is short. The driver should have noticed that. Can't trust no body with your kids. My daughter starts school next year. I'll be driving her. Way too many bus accidents I've seen this past year."

"Isn't the alarm suppose to go off on the bus when the back door is opened?" asked another commenter. "When I was in school 10 yrs ago this was a feature on our school buses."

Sources: KNTV, CNN, New York Post, Fox News/YouTube / Photo credit: Little Rock Air Force Base

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