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Toddler Dies In Tragic Accident After Statue Falls On Him

Two-year-old Utah child Kayson Shelton died in a tragic statue climbing incident on Monday.

Kayson was climbing on a dolphin statue in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco yesterday when the statue tipped over and crushed him.

The boy did not appear to be fatally injured at first. Emergency crews initially treated him for a nose bleed, but he passed out moments later and was taken to San Francisco General Hospital. A few hours later, Shelton died from internal injuries.

“It’s an unfortunate and tragic incident,” San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Gordon Shyy said.

The statue was outside of the Majestic Collection Art Gallery when Shelton climbed on it. Officer Shyy said the store received a citation today for placing an object or merchandise on a sidewalk where it impedes pedestrian traffic.

While it is not known exactly how much the statue weighed, it’s reported that Shelton’s six-year-old sister tried to stop the statue as it started to topple over but was unable to do so.

Kayson's father, Scott Shelton, says he thinks his son was just doing what any toddler in his shoes would have wanted to do.

“He wanted to go up and touch it,” Shelton said. “…he stepped with a foot on the base of it and the statue came down on top of it. I think any two-year-old would go towards anything like that.”

The family set up a YouCaring page to help cover Kayson’s funeral costs.

“Our hearts have all been saddened to hear of the passing of Kayson Shelton,” family friend Brittany Hansen wrote on the page. “His bright, enthusiastic way of embracing life was a light to all those who had the privilege of knowing him. The last words he said in this life were "I love you", and we sure love him as well.  He will be greatly missed but we are so grateful for the knowledge that families are eternal and that we will see him again.”

Sources: NBC Bay Area, Huffington Post, YouCaring


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