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2-Year-Old Child Dead After Being Left Alone In Car

A Virginia woman's young daughter died when she reportedly accidentally strangled herself in a partially open window.

Tabitha Inge, a 28-year-old hairdresser, left her 2-year-old daughter Mikayla Thurston alone in the car while she allegedly went inside a Chesterfield mobile home to cut a client’s hair.

It is unknown how long Mikayla was alone in the car, but Tabitha discovered her dead child when she went outside to check on her around 9:40 pm, reports the Daily Mail.

“Somebody call the police. My baby is dead,” a neighbor claims Inge screamed.

“The investigation indicates the child was left unattended in a vehicle and her head and neck became trapped between the car’s window and door frame,” Chesterfield Police said in a statement.

Tabitha Inge has been charged with one count of felony child neglect.

Natasha Inge, Tabitha’s sister, discounts the claim that her sister was styling someone’s hair at the time of Mikayla’s death.

“It is false. It makes her sound like a monster and she is not a monster. She loved them dearly. She is a wonderful loving mother,” Natasha told CBS 6. “My niece’s father loved her more than anything. It’s a horrible tragedy and we are trying to be strong and we need people to know before you go judging people you don’t know the whole story.”

Natasha’s family believes what happened to Mikayla was just a terrible accident.

Tabitha has asked the judge if she may attend Mikayla’s funeral. A decision has not yet been made.


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