Toddler Dies After Being Left In Scalding Hot Tub


A Michigan mother was arrested after her 2-year-old son died from scalds on April 25 after being in a hot whirlpool spa for too long.

Authorities say up to 50 percent of the child’s body was burned by the time they arrived, CrimeFeed reports. The toddler was found face down in around 4 inches of water.

The child was rushed to the hospital where he was listed as in “critical condition.” A few hours later, he died.

Police say they are not sure if this was an accidental or an intentional act by the mother and are currently investigating.

Neighbors who know the mother say they believe this was an accident, The Detroit News reports.

Mark Patterson says the mother tried to save the child’s life, but ultimately couldn’t.

“She was frantic and she was hurt as anybody would be," Patterson said. “It was a tragic accident. She was a single mother and she was doing the best she could ... This is just a tragic situation.”

At the same time, investigations reveal this is not the first time the unidentified mother has been in trouble with law enforcement over her children.

Only a few days before the incident, Child Protective Services temporarily took away the 2-year-old from the mother. He was returned a few days before he died.

Reports also indicate Child Protective Services took away the mother’s three older children in 2014 after she was accused of welfare fraud.

The children went to live with their father but were soon taken away from him.

It’s not the first time a child has died from being left in a hot tub.

In January 2016, Nebraska 2-year-old Jase Queen -- who had Down syndrome -- died after his stepmother, Jacqueline Cooley, left the toddler alone in a hot bath while she got his towel. When she came back, she found the child had fallen into the water and his face was blue.

The Cooleys had also had several run-ins with law enforcement over their children before Jase's death.

Sources: CrimeFeed, The Detroit News,Journal Star / Photo credit: Yannick Trottier via Wikimedia Commons

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