Toddler Dead and Two Other Children Injured After Trapped in Car


A toddler has died and two young children were seriously injured after the toddler's parents locked them in a hot car in India because they did not want to take them shopping.

Ishtaq Khan and his wife Unnas locked their two children in the car with their nephew. Their children were two and three years old, while the nephew was five. They closed the car doors and windows while they went shopping at a market.

"When the couple didn't return even after an hour, the panicked children started banging on the windows in desperation. Some passersby gathered there and saw the children. They tried to break open the window. However, Khan and his wife were also reached by then. By that time, Mahima had fainted," an officer said. Mahima was the two-year-old child.

When the father arrived, he opened the door and rushed the children to the hospitals. It was there that Mahima was declared dead. The two other children were taken to a hospital in Alwar due to the severity of their conditions. They are still in serious condition.

Khan said he thought the children would be an annoyance if he brought them.

"He didn't want them to roam around in the market so he locked them in the car," a police officer said. 

Sources: Fox


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