Today's Undergrads: Lazy Party Animals With No Work Ethic


As a graduate teaching assistant being in charge of teaching undergraduate-level math classes in addition to my graduate-level coursework, I see it all the time: the caliber of students we get at the undergraduate level, save for the elite few, are nothing but a bunch of lazy students that don't want to work for their grades. 

Why they even waste their time (or mine) is beyond my understanding. I guess it's their money to waste as they see fit, but what about me? If I were to be quite honest I'm tired of trying to educate these unteachable, lazy bums. Maybe that's why nearly half of my Algebra class this summer dropped or failed the class (and a vast majority of those who passed got Cs). 

Whatever the reason might be, the caliber of undergraduate-level students is in the tank. Most of them are 100% unteachable, and an even bigger chunk of them really have no interest in being in school anyway. 

I do, however, have an idea of why this is. I think most undergraduates go to college just so they can get the job they want, and for no other reason. With this mentality, the meaning of what college is supposed to be has been lost. College used to be a place for learning, expanding your horizons, challenging your beliefs, and above all, for academic research. Nowadays it's "give me my degree because I want the job." Undergrads don't care about learning or expanding their horizons, they care about the job at the end of the journey. 

With this, it's no wonder that undergraduate curriculum has been dumbed down and bastardized over the years, and further, it's quite obvious as to why the caliber of the majority of the student body is in the tank. Once again, this goes back to colleges accepting virtually anyone instead of only the intellectual elite. 

The few that are college material almost invariably go on to grad school in an academic (not business, etc.) field, because then they're there to learn, which is why you should go to college in the first place. 

Heaven help me. I'm tired of trying to teach these unteachable, lowlife, good-for-nothing undergrads...


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