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Today is 'National Pretzel Day,' Chains Offer Free Pretzels

Today is National Pretzel Day, and in celebration of it, many pretzel chains are offering free pretzels to customers.

Snyder's in Cincinnati, San Diego, Philadelphia and Baltimore are giving out free samples of their honey mustard and onion, hot buffalo wing and bacon cheddar pretzels. The Philly Pretzel Factory is also giving away one pretzel to each customer today.

The Pretzel Maker is giving out their salty treats to anyone who asks for one, but they are requiring that customers tell a joke or say Happy Pretzel Day before they receive it.

Popular chain Auntie Anne's is not handing out their pretzels today but are planning on surprising customers with a free day in the future.

"Like any fun aunt, we like to keep a few surprises up our sleeve. Like we've done before, we like to host Free Pretzels when you least expect it. Make sure you stay tuned to find out more information on all the exciting things we have planned for the future," they said in a Facebook post.

One Auntie Anne's in Simon Mall, in Edison, N.J. is selling pretzels for $1 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

ABC made a list of good dips to try with pretzels, which include Emeril's Cheesy Beer Dip, Bethenny Frankel's Irresistible Bleu Cheese Dip, Clinton Kelly's Chocolate Fondue and Gail Simmons' Tangy Ranch Dip Duo.

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