Cutting Out Meat will Help You Lose Weight


Prevention magazine is the latest publication to jump on the vegetable cart, extolling the benefits of swapping meat for vegetables. "Eating less meat is a proven way to lighten up on the scale. Research shows that vegetarians weigh an average 20% less than nonvegetarians," Prevention reports. Ditching meat is an even more effective way to lose weight, says the magazine, than limiting fat intake, since vegetables provide nutrients, protein, and filling fiber to keep tummies full and energy high.

It's not only adults who should pledge to be vegan for their health. The Chicago Tribune reports that, according to a study by the Produce for Better Health Foundation, only 8 percent of American children get enough vegetables. The lack of healthy veggies in kids' diets contributes to many health problems, including childhood obesity.  

The simple solution to weight loss and improved overall health is as easy as 1-2-3:  

1)      Learn about the many benefits of plant-based diets for your health, animals, and the environment.
2)      Order PETA's free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.
3)      Enjoy your beach-ready bod just in time for the spring thaw.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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