To kid or not to kid???


                            The Duggars "19 Kids and Counting"

  I recently read the article in People Magazine Feb, 2010 issue and before this time I really never gave

much thought to the Duggars and their overwhelming expanding family.I personally am a person who believes that

you can do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt other people and is within the law. The Duggers have 19

children is not against the law and as far as hurting others, well they seem to be a responsible family who

doesn't ask for help from the community or the government. I am not sure the effects a large family has on the

family as individuals but the children do not seem to mind. They are all clean, dressed, fed, educated and happy.

But with all the complications Michelle has had in not just her last birth, but with several of her other births,

including a ruptured uterus.Even her own mother asked her to stop having more children. If she died in child birth

where does this leave her children and husband? But still we are left to free will and to run our lives and make

our own choices.This would never be an option for my husband and myself. In Feb. 2010 in the People Magazine issue,

Michelle had said," We are not ruling out baby # 20, we will wait and see what the Lord has in store for us."

  when I read in our text book, The Marriage and Family Experience by Strong, DeVault and Cohen, regarding Waiting

a while: Parenthood Deferred and how mare people are waiting for the "right time" to have a baby, I believe

this is exactly what the duggars did up to the time that they realized that using birth control was increasing

their chance of miscarriages. They did not like that they were harming their potential fetus for the benefit

of using birth control to hold off in between children that they decided to bring into the world. This actually

hurt their hearts and shattered them. They decided at this point they would not use birth control anymore and

wait upon the Lord's time. This is how the Duggar's have blessed their family with so many children. I do not

believe the Duggar's would have so many if they had continue'd the use of their controceptive. But in turn they

may have had many more miscarriage and heartache. Good luck to the Duggar's, live your life as you see fit and

God Bless.


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