TN Woman Finds Mysterious Statue Inside Broken Garden Gnome (Video)


A Tennessee woman was shocked to discover that a garden gnome given to her by a friend had a separate surprise statue hidden inside of it, and now, people all over the world are trying to figure out what exactly it is.

27-year-old Heather Andrews says her best friend gave her the gnome as a gag gift, and when she accidentally dropped it on the ground, she noticed something strange inside of the broken body.

"My friend opened the door, and it dropped and fell,” said Andrews. “I went to pick up the pieces and noticed something inside it.”

Andrews says she was shocked to see that a statue was inside the gnome, resembling Jesus Christ or an angel, some believe.

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"I think the face has really intricate detail and someone spent a lot of time on the face,” said Andrews of the statue, which is attached to the inside of the gnome. “The anatomy on the body looks feminine to me, but I don't know. I am just biased to it.”

Reports say the gnome was purchased at Target, and when asked about it, the company offered little explanation.

“We do not have enough information to speak to this specific situation, but we encourage the individual to contact guest relations for additional assistance if they have questions or concerns Target may be able to answer,” said the company in a statement.

To be sure that she wasn’t crazy, Andrew broke open all the garden gnomes she had, but no others had the same statue inside.

“I just want to know where it came from, why they put it there,” said Andrews. “I live in a small town, so a lot of my friends have seen it. A lot of people are scared of it - just creeped out by it. We've adopted him and named him Pete.”

Pete now has a Facebook page that’s garnered over 10,000 likes as people continue to speculate what the mysterious statue is and where it came from.

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