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Brilliant Idea: Tennessee Senate Approves Guns in Bars

Yesterday, the Georgia House of Representatives approved guns in airports.  Today, the Tennessean reports that the Tennessee State Senate voted in favor of allowing the carry of guns into any establishment serving alcohol:

“The State Senate approved a bill Thursday that would let handgun owners carry their weapons into any establishment that serves alcohol, raising further doubts about an earlier compromise meant to let guns into restaurants but keep them out of bars…

The legislation would open up even more restaurants and bars to firearms than a similar law passed last year. A Nashville judge struck down that law last fall, saying it was too vague on which establishments could allow handguns and which could not….

‘It places the responsibility on the permit holder to carry safely and not consume alcohol,’ said Jackson, a Dickson Democrat.

The Senate altered Jackson’s bill to toughen the penalties for drinking alcohol in a restaurant while carrying a gun. Violators would receive at least a $500 fine, two days in jail and a three-year suspension of their carry permits.”

Read the full story here.

Just one question: where’s the next place guns will be pushed?


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