TN Bill Would Criminalize Enforcement Of Federal Gun Control Laws


A Tennessee state senator has proposed legislation that would make enforcement of federal gun control measures in the state illegal. 

The bill, entitled S.B. 1607, was introduced by State Sen. Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet), the woman who previously filed the Health Care Freedom and Affordable Care Act Noncompliance Act in an effort to make Obamacare laws illegal to enforce in her home state. 

The new bill simply states that federal laws regarding gun-control would not be followed in the state of Tennessee.

“Any federal enactment or federal enforcement action relating to firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition, is void in this state. Any federal enactment or federal enforcement action impacting or infringing upon the rights of individuals or entities relative to firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition, is void in this state,” read portions of the bill, according to

A similar bill was introduced in January of last year in Tennessee’s House of Representatives, as State Rep. Joe Carr (R-Lascassas) filed legislation that would arrest and prosecute any federal employee for enforcing federal gun control laws in Tennessee. According to WSMV, the bill failed to clear the House Civil Justice Committee. 

The fate of S.B. 1607 remains to be determined, although it’s unlikely that the U.S. federal government would comply with a state that enacted such a law. However, the recent marijuana legalization laws passed in Colorado and Washington signify a direct contradiction to longstanding federal criminal laws, and federal agents have thus far refrained from taking actions against the state. For gun owners in Tennessee wishing to avoid federal prosecution, Sen. Beavers' bill signifies a possible, yet unlikely sense of hope.


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