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TJ Brewer Charged For Assaulting Father After Catching Him Having Sex With His Wife

A Utah sheriff’s deputy is facing charges after allegedly beating his father and threatening his wife after he discovered them having sex in his son’s bedroom. Timothy John '"TJ" Brewer, 33, allegedly discovered his wife, Logan Rae Brewer, being intimate with his father, Wesley "Corky" Brewer, after the trio had dined at TJ’s home.

Apparently Logan went upstairs to put one of their children to bed and Wesley soon followed. TJ eventually made his was upstairs as well and found the door of his son’s bedroom locked. After getting into the room and seeing what was going on, TJ allegedly beat his father then left the bedroom and returned with a loaded handgun.

“She stated TJ hit her, backhanded her and pointed a handgun at her face,” an officer wrote in a police report about the incident. “She believed he was going to shoot her.” Instead, TJ "pistol whipped" his father, Logan said.

Corky left the scene and went home to tell his wife what had happened. At some point, he got his hands on a kitchen knife and stabbed himself. His wife found him.

"[She] had to pull the knife out," an officer wrote. The self-inflicted wound punctured Corky's lung and nicked his liver. He was taken to the hospital, The Daily Mail reported.

After finding out where his father was, TJ headed to the hospital to “finish the job.” Officers at the scene prevented that from happening.

Police wrote in their report: “TJ made numerous remarks to each officer and deputy that arrived, about all of us being stupid, dumb asses, and at one point stated we needed to call someone with a brain to come and talk with him.”

Possibly because of his connections in law enforcement, TJ was only charged with two class A misdemeanors — assault and assault against a peace officer.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Desert News


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