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Man Leaves Offensive 'Tip' For Waitress At Thai Restaurant

A California man is receiving backlash from social media after reportedly leaving a hateful note for his server instead of a tip.

The incident occurred at Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach, California, NBC Los Angeles reported. A man, whose name was not released, left his server a note that read, “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”

“Keep it to yourself!” Adison, one of the server's coworkers, told NBC Los Angeles. “It doesn't... it doesn't help anything when you say something like that to someone.”

A photo of the receipt was shared by YouTube star Gina Darling on Facebook. The post is no longer available, but it quickly went viral during the week of Nov. 9. It also had thousands of people wondering why a man so against immigrants in the U.S. would be dining at a Thai restaurant in the first place.

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(Facebook post showing the "tip" on receipt. Photo Credit: Gina Darling/Facebook)

The server is reportedly in the country legally and working under a visa. She said she hopes to get her green card someday so that she can give her two kids a better life.

“She thought it was her fault, that maybe she did something wrong to offend him or something,” Adison added.

Sources: NBC Los Angeles, Facebook / Photo Credit: Screenshot/NBC Los Angeles

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