Woman Performs Sex Act On Denny's Waiter As Tip (Video)


Shocking video (below) showing the unusual tip a Denny’s customer gave her waiter is going viral.

Newly surfaced video shows a Denny’s waiter receiving a tip from an excited customer in the form of oral sex in the middle of the restaurant, Daily Mail reports.

The video shows the customer enthusiastically performing the sex act on her waiter in the nearly-empty restaurant in front of a small group of men who seem to know the woman.

The incident reportedly took place in America, though it is not clear exactly where. It is not known if the waiter is still employed by the restaurant.

“I’ll tell you what, that’s one awesome tip,” the waiter says in the video.

This is certainly something you don’t see everyday.

Watch the censored video of the incident above.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Daily Mail, YouTube

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