'Tip-Bombed': Virginia Waiter Receives $1,600 Tip Right Before The Holidays


A Virginia waiter was "tip-bombed" right before the holidays.

Richard Sibbett served a group of 18 people at the Glory Days Grill restaurant in Reston, Virginia, on Dec. 22, Fox 5 DC reports.

When Sibbett's customers were finished, they left him an enormous cash tip of more than $1,600 on their $275 bill. The money was left with a note telling Sibbett that he had been "tip-bombed."

Sibbett said that he was extremely thrilled and grateful for the tip, which would help cover the costs of his holiday shopping.

"I can get a few last-minute gifts now and not be stressed," he told Fox 5 DC.

Tip-bombing is a growing tradition that involves a group of people collecting their cash, going out to a restaurant, and surprising their server with a large tip.

The anonymous group that tip-bombed Sibbett has reportedly been dropping large tips on food-service workers in the area for more than a decade. 

In December 2014, Megan Asadi, a waitress at the Virginia Kitchen in Herndon, Virginia, was similarly tip-bombed with a large tip, WUSA9 reported at the time.

Asadi, a single parent and immigrant from Iran, received a $1,200 tip on a $125 bill. 

Sources: Fox 5 DC, WUSA9 / Photo credit: Fox 5 DC

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