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Tina Drouin Charged for Assaulting Sandwich Maker Over Pickles

Tina Drouin has been charged with allegedly punching a restaurant worker at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs in Quincy, Massachusetts, for putting too many pickles on her sub sandwich.

According to the Associated Press, Drouin ordered the sandwich at about 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Drouin started complaining, used profanity and demanded a refund, but the female employee refused to give her money back, said police.

In response, Drouin allegedly punched the employee in the face and knocked over two pickle jars.

Drouin ran from the restaurant with the employee giving chase. The female worker eventually caught Drouin outside city hall and detained her until police arrived.

Drouin told police that the employee put ‘‘too many pickles’’ on her lunch.  Drouin will have to appear at the Quincy District Court to face an assault charge, say police.

Source: Associated Press


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