Timothy Schiavo Arrested At JFK Airport With Carry-On Bag Filled With Knives, Scissors


A New York man was arrested at JFK Airport after authorities discovered his carry-on bag had many knives and scissors in it.

The New York Daily News reports that Timothy Schiavo was carrying a bag filled with more than dozen knives, five pairs of scissors, more than a dozen lighters and other implements of destruction. He freely admitted to owning the bag's contents, and was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Port Authority police arrested the 29-year-old Schiavo, who apparently was going to board a JetBlue flight. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Among the items reportedly in Schiavo’s bag was a trench knife, which has metal knuckles on the handle of the blade, according to CBS News.

The bag that Schiavo apparently tried to get through a screening station also included a novelty lighter that looked like a handgun and lots of matchbooks.

Mail Online reports that it’s unclear what Schiavo's intentions for the items were.

Passengers can fly with knives and scissors, according to TSA rules, but the items must be placed with their checked-in luggage.

An incident at JFK also made news last month when a machine gun was found inside a closet at the airport. The Mac-11 subcompact machine pistol was found by an electrician during renovation work at Terminal One, an international terminal used by Air France, Turkish Airlines, Korean Air and others.

Sources: New York Daily News, CBS News, Mail Online


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