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Time to Name Terri Horman Suspect in Kyron Disappearance

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By Robin Sax

Sunday, news reports surfaced about Terri Moulton Horman (Kyron Horman's stepmother) allegedly attempting to hire a gardener to kill her husband. This newest piece of evidence at the very least should render her an official "person of interest" -- if not a suspect -- in the case of missing Kyron. How much more damaging can you get than a potential murder-for-hire scenario against KYRON HORMAN's father?!

I am curious to know the actual motivation behind the murder plot, as it would give some insight into Terri Horman's mindset. At minimum, it shows her as a calculated, cold person, as opposed to the mother/stepmother of the year (as others have claimed).

This new info, coupled with last week's restraining order, has proven fatal for Terri in the court of public opinion. But my real question is: Is she going to turn into a Casey Anthony -- who simply will never fold, even to her own detriment?


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