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Time to Get Tough On Crime: Maximum Penalties Every Time

Nations around the world have gotten lacks in bringing criminals to justice. Plea bargains, wimpy sentences, you name it. It's all a reality today, and people wonder why the crime rate is so high, and it's for the simple reason so many criminals are getting off way too light or getting off without any punishment at all. 

The focus of the justice system has gotten more away from keeping dangerous people off of the streets, and more on making judges, lawyers, etc. rich. Hey, the more criminals/clients there are, the more work they have, the richer they get. It's all about the money as is just about anything political it seems like.

When the penalties just aren't doing enough to keep dangerous people off the streets, there needs to be something done. In my hometown of Abilene Texas, there was a guy arrested this week on his 14th (yes, his FOURTEENTH) DUI charge. Why is this man not behind bars for life? Why is he still even entitled to a driver's license? What's wrong with this picture? 

The fact of the matter is most criminals will commit multiple crimes over the course of their lifetimes. When penalties just aren't doing it it's time to make them stiffer. 

Plea bargains are a load of garbage as are minimum sentences. Convicted criminals need to be punished to the full extent of the law for their crimes. If this were really the case, people would think twice about committing crimes. 

The solution is simple: impose the maximum penalty, for every crime, every time. 


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