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Man Sentenced To Life For Stomping On Baby's Head

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A Florida man has been sentenced to live behind bars for the brutal murder of his infant daughter.

Jeremy Murray’s 6-week-old daughter was rushed to the hospital on Jan. 30, 2013 with bruises on her forehead. Ember Murray was put on life support, but after being taken to two different hospitals, she died.

Police say Murray, 32, had conflicting accounts of what happened to the girl, reports the Associated Press via WFTV.

At Ocala Regional Medical Center, a deputy told Detective Stacey Skinner that Murray said he and Ember were sleeping in bed when she started to kick, reported the Ocala Star Banner.

He told Skinner he got out of bed with Ember in his arms and accidentally tripped over a weight bench, crashing through a bassinet.

Ember’s mother, Jordan Whaley, says when she left for work on that day, the girl was acting normally.

Skinner and Detective Fliff Whiteside interviewed the girl’s grandmother, Colleen Buelow, who said she returned from work to find Ember lying on the floor face up and Murray next to her.

Murray says he didn’t call emergency response right away because he tried to figure out what was wrong with his daughter. Since the child was unconscious and not breathing, Buelow called 911. But after examining Murray, investigators found no injuries on his body.

The evidence collected at the scene did not match up with Murray’s version of the story.

An autopsy report later concluded that Ember died from blunt force trauma to the head. There was also evidence of past abuse upon further inspection.

The State Attorney’s Office, medical examiner and detectives concluded that Murray was home alone with Ember and solely responsible for the girl’s death. Medical examiners testified that Ember’s wounds were caused by someone trampling on her head or punching her repeatedly.

On August 18, Murray was convicted by a jury for aggravated child abuse and felony murder.

Sources: Associated Press via WFTV, Ocala Star Banner / Photo credit: WFTV

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